America's Army: Special Forces/Radio Tower Tactics


FAL/FLAKC writes: (Some edits by Canscorch)

Okay, now this takes real teamwork. For this to work, you'll need one advanced marksman, one grenadier, one automatic rifleman, and five riflemen.

The two fire teams each have several responsibilities.

The advanced marksmanship team, comprised of a Rifleman (R) and a Sniper (S) has the following tasks during the initial assault:

  1. Keep the central peak clear by sniping from the ruined building in the north area.
  2. Prevent the defense from flanking the main force via the north valley.
  3. Alert the main force in the case of a counter-attack.
  4. After one minute, they need to throw smoke at and around the ruined building to conceal the activities of the other fire team.

The other fire team has three other responsibilities:

  1. The Automatic Rifleman (AR) and Grenadier (G), set up north-east of the ruined building work in tandem to complete two tasks:
    • The AR has to make sure that the area around the building remains clear while the G clears the east peak ruins from the same spot.
    • The AR switches over to suppress and harass any opfor in that vicinity while the G continues to launch grenades at the surrounding area.
  2. The riflemen advance under cover of the AR fire. The G pulls up the rear. Once they have reached the east peak ruins, the AR packs up and joins them.
  3. While the riflemen attack the defense peak (DP) from a distance, the AR fires at the central peak.

The advanced marksmanship team then advances to the central peak, and confirms if the defense peak is clear, and clears the rooftops of the radio tower. The sniper remains on the central peak while his spotter goes down to complete objective C. Once objective C is complete, he returns to the central peak to protect the sniper once more.

The rest of the squad takes objectives A and B.

The one R and the G go to the top of the defense peak to clear the radio tower south area and second floor roof. The AR and two other riflemen go south of the defense peak to clear the flanks. The R and G go to objective A and hold.

The AR and R continue down to objective B – the remaining R goes through the central valley (under the cover of the S and the G) and goes into the tunnels via the southwest valley ruined building. Once that area is clear, they take objective B. Upon completion of B, G takes A while R covers.