America's Army: Special Forces/Pipeline Tactics

Pipeline Tactics: Defense

  1. One Spot, Two Objectives: At the top of west ladder your weapon and a grenade, or the 203 can be your best friend. With a nice clear grenade or 203 to the primary valve, as well as a path to the main control panel, you've got two objectives covered. Watch out, though, as the OpFor may try to pick you off from the ground, or the vent. Nades up here can be deadly.

Pipeline Tactics: Assault

Strategy #1: Rush. Run... Now: Get inside fast. The spawn can be a deadly place. The enemy can easily move out and start throwing or launching explosives. Move fast, and have your Grenadier cover.

Strategy #2: Control the courtyard. On a full server, breaching an entrance takes time, and rushing often fails leading to mass death. It's critical to control the courtyard to thin the defense and to give your team time to make a breach. Cover North/South approaches, Oil entrance, Vents, Main & North Entrance. Pick off the rushing defenders until a breach is made. Then get inside fast.

Misc Tips:

Close the doors! I can never stress this enough when playing on D. Main pump room is the spot to defend, you can cover both Primary Valve and CP (Computer) and there are only 5 ways to get into the room. By closing the doors you have warning that E is coming.


  • Leave the vent open so you can see when E is trying to get to lower CP.
  • Crack the doors by pressing the use key twice very fast, will throw people off when they are trying to throw in a cooked nade, and will give you an extra fraction of a second to react to the door opening.
  • At start of round go to W Ent and crack the door just so you can see to the North, then you can snipe at people who are making a run for Ext. If you hear someone coming from the South then get out a nade and toss it around corner.


  • If there are 9 or less people on D then nobody from D will spawn in N pump room, making it easier to get in there.
  • If you have impatient people on D who like to rush, then wait for them to come out, this is when you 203er is very helpful.
  • When rushing Main Ent watchout for the nade that might come out the door right as you get there, a SAW can be very helpful in keeping anyone from coming out that door with a nade =)

by Zoroaster


  • Smoke out the outside from the spawn area to give you and your team some cover.
  • If you manage to sneak into the cp then request some noise from surviving team mates, this may distract the Defence long enough for you to use the cp.
  • When in the vent near the main pump room drop a smoke and then move through the vent to outside where you have a clear way to the cp through the other vent (if the opfor aren't guarding the vent) the smoke will distract the opfor.


  • Have a team member lay prone in the vent incase a opfor shows his face
  • Try and keep a team member guarding the vent access near the cp
  • ALWAYS keep a team member in the cp just in case an opfor gets there, (if you are in the cp and notice opfor in the rafters hide behind the computer until they drop.
  • Vent

Use the vent to your best advantage. Stay to the back of the vent where it is safest. From this position is possible to observe Opfor movements, particularly those that enter the north door leading to the north pump room, and those running north to the exterior valve. Also announce when no Opfor are seen going north. It may indicate that the Opfor have gone into the oil entrance, the main entrance, headed south to the exterior valve, or have camped in the courtyard. Take the opportunity to shoot any visible Opfor through the vent, but the intelligence about the Opfor movements is more important since it may save the lives of your squadmates. Note that even from the relative safety of the valve room it is possible to be hurt by Opfor grenades that hit the vent, or by normal gunfire from Opfor in the north door or the north corner.


  • West Ladder

When you come to West Ladder , always throw a flash or a nade up the ladders , never climb up if you haven't done this, because Opfors can hear you climbing up and easily kill you.

  • Curiousity killed the OPFOR

When you approach a door if you suspect a opfor is in the next room (or if you don't) open it and sneak back and hide in the shadows. An opfor may come out to look who is there, then you let him have it.

  • Sneaky

Use you movement speed carefully crouch and move slow (there is a key you can press to control you movements) moving slow makes you less noticeable.

  • Borrow

If you come across a dead opfor I'm sure he won't mind if you borrow his gun. Opfor guns will come in handy in full auto when it comes to a CQB battle.

  • Tunnel

Rush the tunnels.