America's Army: Special Forces/Parachute


Parachutes are used for troop insertion into areas inaccessible by other modes of transportation, or to maximise the element of surprise. Troops are airlifted to the target area, then execute precise jumps to the ground with the aid of chutes. Because it is usually used to surprise the enemy, parachute jumps are almost always conducted at night or in adverse weather conditions and so are extremely dangerous. Consequently, soldiers conducting such jumps must be in excellent physical condition, and must be equally adept at controlling their chutes.

Parachute Jumps in America's ArmyEdit

In the current version of America's Army (v2.6 at time of writing) you are able to execute jumps in two non-SF maps: JRTC Farm Raid and FLS Assault.

Before playing these maps you must complete both the 250' Tower Drop and the Live Jump lessons in the Airborne School, located in the Advanced Training Menu. You should be very comfortable with executing both types of jumps before proceeding. Don't hesitate to repeat a lesson if you are even a little unsure of something; it may save your life!

Parachute Deployment in JRTC Farm RaidEdit

You will see there are three possible exit points:

    A. Left Side Door
    B. Right Side Door
    C. Rear Hatch

Ignoring the right side door, consider your two remaining options.

  • The left side door will make you land near the left corn field.
  • The rear hatch will make you land in various places in the center field.

In other words, jumping off to the left from the rear hatch will bring you closer to the forward center field.

The Jump ProcedureEdit

  • Don't use night vision goggles, as they will obscure your view of the ground.
  1. Select your jump location as mentioned above.
  2. Position yourself at the edge of your desired jump location and face the direction in which you wish to jump.
  3. Press and hold the "Forward" key until you clear the aircraft and hear your parachute unfurl.
  4. You should not manipulate your parachute until you can actually see the ground.
  5. Once you establish visual contact with the ground, adjust your position if needed with the movement keys, otherwise, look straight and downwards for the remainder of your descent.
  6. Wait until you can see individual plants, then flare by pressing and holding the "E" key.
  7. If your flare was good, you should briefly roll on the ground. Use this time to activate your night vision goggles.
  8. When you stand up after rolling, crouch or go prone and activate your weapon.

Parachute Deployment in FLS AssaultEdit

Coming soon...

In the meantime, adapt procedure from JRTC Farm Raid. Procedure is essentially the same as in Farm Raid, but with one difference in best position to jump out. One should exit using the side door, to sneak around the edge of the map, where there is cover as you approach the objective. Meanwhile, using the cargo door brings you right down the middle, which is better lit and offers no cover, offering an easy target for machine gun equipped OPFORs, who will usually be shielded from both your view and gun by the glare from the lights that give you away, and their bunker like spawn point..