America's Army: Special Forces/Obstacle Course Training

1: Don't hit the barbed wire.
2: Stay between the white markers.
3: You do not have to climb down, just walk off the edge.

DesertFox_59 and Unknown

the above is not true for new course the following is true and will help 1the obstacle course, crouch under the first jump over the second crawl under 3rd look up and climb 4th and side step through the last one 2climb up the latter and just walk across the rope bridge 3move to the edge turn around away from the net and walk backwards, you'll grab on simply hit s to go down 4doubble time to the next instructor (tap w twice to run) 5climb the ladder 6move over the rope 7face instructor and hold s to repel

on to the weapons training soldier

And what to do when it doesn't work out... edit

you fall off something and hear a crunch, you broke your legs falling to far be sure to climb all the way down soldier