America's Army: Special Forces/Medic Training

Medic TrainingEdit

The only possible hints here are that if you are having trouble:

  1. Take Notes
  2. Listen to the instructor each time
  3. Don't be afraid of failing
  4. Multitask. Do homework to keep from falling asleep
  5. Use outside experiences. A lot of this stuff I learned in swimming lessons and other first-aid courses.

DesertFox_59 {X}

The following resource is designed for full-fledged medics to allow them to augment and support their team both effectively and properly.

Pendragon's Medic School

Strategy by Mysekurity:

  1. Walk into the test area and sit down to start the lecture.
  2. Now in the real world, get up from your computer, fix yourself a snack, work on other homework, or do something interesting.
  3. When the teacher's done talking, you'll start your test. Take a screenshot of each page (I think it's the F9 key), and then exit the game. Go to your screenshots folder (in /Screenshots) and print them out. If you'd like, you can crop them for size constraints, or if you have time, re-write them.
  4. Now re-launch the game, and, using your test as a study guide, pay attention to what the teacher is saying, and circle the correct answers on your physical sheet of paper. When the test comes up, your answers will be the exact same as what you've been studying with.

You can also cheat ( because they never change the answers, or instead of taking screenshots go to the console and type in pause, then minimize, look up the answers, and type pause again in the console.

This also works with Special Forces training.