America's Army: Special Forces/MOUT Single Player Training

In the MOUT Training Exercise, you are given equipment and instructions to enter the MOUT Shoothouse and fire on enemy wooden targets, but not at friendly wooden targets. Ammunition and grenades are live, so watch your fire.

Weapons edit

  • The M16A2 Carbine Rifle OR the M9 Berreta Sidearm
  • 3 Flashbangs
  • Night Vision Goggles

Targets edit

  • Opposing Forces dressed in Green and Gray clothing; More properly, they are masked. (shoot).
  • Allied soldiers and civilians dressed in standard brown clothing. None of them are masked.(Don't shoot)

Getting Ready edit

Before the training, you will be invited to a briefing by your lovely training's quite easy: shoot foes and spare friends.(No do not shoot your sergeant) There are a couple of boards with OPFOR on them. These wooden boards are what you should shoot at while in the shoothouse. Keep in mind not to damage anything outside the shoothouse. Pick up your weapons: Night Vision Goggles, Flashbangs, and an M16 or an M9. Choosing between the M9 and the M16 is a bit tricky. The M9 offers better aim and less recoil, but a smaller magazine and fire rate. The M16 packs 2 times more bullets than the M9, but has more recoil and thus is harder to aim. I myself chose the M9, as all targets in the MOUT shoothouse go down after one shot.

In the shoothouse edit

Enter the shoothouse when ready. Do not waste any time; you will gain more points if you do it quicker. Every time you enter a room, look at all targets and quickly spot OPFOR among the wooden boards. Make sure you hit them correctly. Use flashbangs only if sure that you are throwing them at an enemy. There will be one room that is very dark and may hamper you ability to aim and identify targets. There are two options:

  1. The second you enter that room, activate Night Vision with 'V' and will be able to see.
  2. Turn high up on brightness and gamma setting. I prefer this due to the larger FOV.

Move fast, shoot fast, but be careful. Shooting one of your wooden buddies will result in serious loss of points. ROE is not tolerated in America's Army. ;)

If you wish to skip this training, simply run through the shoothouse without doing anything and proceed to the end. You will get lousy points, and you are considered a NO-GO, but it is completed.