America's Army: Special Forces/M4 SOPMOD


Note: Not all pictured modifications are available in the game yet.

Phantom's Recommended ModsEdit

Sniper: Acog4x scope, suppressor, Harris bipod
This mod works well on hospital and recon. Just pick a shady spot, and wait for the e to walk by.

Scout: Acog4x scope, flare launcher (no suppressor, scouts should report e locations not fire at them)
This is a good support role that is really under-used. Use your scope to spot the enemy, then light up your target with the flares and call for support.

CQB: M68 Aimpoint, suppressor, M203 launcher
When you're walking down a corridor, walk with your M68 aimpoint up. Might seem strange at first, but it improves your accuracy a great amount.

CSAR Special: Acog4x scope, suppressor, M203 launcher
This is my favorite combo to use on CSAR. Very handy for taking out close range or distant enemies.

Always use your suppressor! It has no negative effect on the bullets, reduces muzzle flash, and makes it hard to tell where the sound is coming from. You CAN take off your suppressor if you want to attract attention to yourself, while your teammates sneak up on the enemy. (Sometimes when playing on SF maps, such as SF Hospital, it is often better to leave your suppressor off because the un-supressed M4 SOPMOD sounds like an AK-47 to the enemy, and since some of the opposing team members carry AKs, it would be harder for them to identify you from the sound of your gun.

[MIB]CuteFluffyBunny's Weapon Modding RecommendationsEdit

ACOG 4x Scope - A MUST.
Suppressor - May as well get it. You don't have to use it, but it is nice.
Harris Bipod - Thought must be taken before you use this. Yes, it is nice to go prone with a bipod to get that extra accuracy, but a firing a gun without a bipod is more accurate than firing a gun with an un-deployed bipod.

Phantom's outfit is pretty good for CQB.
M68 Aimpoint - Unless you want to stick to the Iron Sights, use this!!!
Suppressor - Think about this one. Are you actually going to use it? Considering you have a M203 on the gun, your enemy may pick your gun up, and if he does and it comes with a suppressor which YOU didn't use, he gets a slight advantage, wouldn't you say.
M203 Launcher - May as well get it. Your in CQB, and you have the extra slot, so just take it. It doesn't matter about the inaccuracy it causes over using a heatshield in its place.

Again, Phantom's 'scout' outfit is good for this too.
ACOG 4x Scope - A MUST.
Suppressor - May as well get it. You don't have to use it, but it is nice.
Flare Launcher - Light up your target. Attract attention to him.

Specialist #1:
Reflex Sight - I always prefer the Reflex over the Aimpoint. Better FOV, mainly, however it does mean you cannot fit an M203 to your gun.
Suppressor - Again, think about whether you are actually going to use it or not.
Harris Bipod - You have the spare slot, so you may as well take it.

Specialist #2:
This loadout is, as Phantom says, useful for CSAR, although I tend to use Specialist #1. If your really good *cough*like me*cough*, you will be able to pick a 203 off a dead enemy!!!
ACOG 4x Scope