America's Army: Special Forces/M203 Grenade Launcher

This weapon is very good for long range fire/suppression. When using it, fire at larger groups of enemy to get many kills or injure many people. Or, fire at enemy in strategic positions because the large blast is good for taking out men in hard to reach spaces. Third best use of this weapon is to fire at enemy snipers. Even if you don't hit them, they know they are targeted and spotted and they take a CEM drop. Take them out with your next shot.


The 203 is a very deadly weapon when used correctly. When using long range and you see the enemy running, aim ahead of them to account for the time for the round to reach them. Learn how far up you have to aim to compensate for the arc. And also remember that the 203 will not explode at close ranges that don't allow the fuse to arm.

[LB]Chewy - 08:57, 3 Jul 2004 (UTC)