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Exclusive Interview with [Dev]DJ Monkey Boy

Interviewee: [Dev]DJ Monkey Boy

Desertfox_59 {X}: Where do you see AAO going in the future as a game?
[Dev]DJ Monkey Boy: We hope to expand AA as a realistic first person action game and a tool to show more about Army life. Main features to be added down the road will be AI to have a powerful co-op play mode, playable vehicles, and maps with more random elements; such as spawns and objectives. Along with this will be more in-depth core/expanded training along with firebase maps to see further into deployed Army life.

Desertfox_59 {X}: What are you going to do to help encourage teamwork?
[Dev]DJ Monkey Boy: In the near future adding voice over IP will greatly enhance teamwork, but we still hope to add more. We are considering other incentives as well.

Desertfox_59 {X}: What branches of the Army will the game ultimately include?
[Dev]DJ Monkey Boy: Depending how long the project goes it may eventually include all major branches, but for now we will stick to what is already in AA and hope to add other infantry units such as mortar teams. We will probably add vehicle branches when applicable. We will have to go one step at a time since each division takes a lot of work.

Desertfox_59 {X}: Can we expect to see more training missions in the future?
[Dev]DJ Monkey Boy: Yes and we hope to improve the old ones. In the near future SF training of ODAs will be expanded. For example in Q-Course there is Language Training where players will learn critical components of the Americas Army OPFOR (Opposing Force) language. Players will also go through SFAUC (Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat) training, which is modeled after actual Special Forces shoot house environments. There is also SF Weapons Familiarization where players will learn how to employ new Special Forces weapons within the game.

Desertfox_59 {X}: Are you going to do anything to help improve game preformance on lower-end machines?
[Dev]DJ Monkey Boy: We hope to move over to latest UT 2004 core code which should help performance of graphics and network/internet speed.

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