America's Army: Special Forces/Insurgent Camp Tactics

Use the 203 on the building windows in first 5 seconds of the round. If you have the SAW (Automatic rifleman) on Assault rush for front door. If you are on defense, rush (if appropriate) out the door and grenade all of the hills.

Added on behalf of The AA Hospital


Sniper Positioning - Defense - Route 1 edit

  1. Run off the building to the East in a way that you don’t hurt yourself to yellow.
  2. Go to the East Hills to set up and take out people on the South side of the tents & the sniper on Middle Assault Hill.
  3. Shift to the Western most part of the Southeast Hills & take out enemies at the Northwest Hills, the sniper if he is still alive, & enemy that are rushing tunnel system. Also pick up a gun off a dead body.
  4. Move West to the next hill. Pick off any enemy on the North Hills. Again pick up a gun if you find one.
  5. Move West again to the next hill. Only stop here if you see an enemy.
  6. If you don’t see the enemy or you sniped everyone you saw, head to Middle Assault Hill. If you happen to hit F1, which you should have by now, and you notice you are the last one. Make a dead sprint to the PCs and cover them.
  7. If you have two or more people on your team that can protect the PCs, go to the Northwest Hills and take out any stragglers there.
  8. Keep going to every hill taking out every enemy you see.
  9. Head back inside & help your teammates out with the PCs.

Sniper Positioning - Defense - Route 2 edit

  1. Either run across the building to the safety of the little wall or go straight up the ladder.
  2. While across the side of the building, snipe people on Middle Assault Hill & on the North side of the tents.
  3. While on the roof, start your sniping at the first little post. Pick off people running to the tents, Northwest hills, or Southwest hills. Also take out the 203 people or you will really start to hate dying early.
  4. Move to the next post & keep sniping people.
  5. Move to the last post on the front side & snipe people going South.
  6. Move to the post behind you & take out any enemy that are running behind the building from the Southeast Hills.
  7. Sit around somewhere and guard the top PC.

Sniper Positioning - Defense - Route 3 edit

  1. Kneel down and take a good position to snipe people heading to the Northwest Hills.
  2. If people get by you can go prone, set up your bipod and take out people that are on the Northwest Hill or running to the North Hill.
  3. When done on the center roof you can do anything you want to do.
  4. I like to run around the building sniping people through the windows.
  5. Side note: This is the route most of you will see me doing because it is my favorite one.


How to accomplish edit

  1. Position yourself at the most South Eastern tent entrance crouched.
  2. Pull the pin on the frag placing your thumb level with boarded up window and then release the frag.

How to confirm success edit

  1. The frag grenade explosion should be able to be seen from the south side building at different elevations.

WRITTEN BY [RedNeX]_M1Abram, Submitted by [RedNeX]_Sulphate

== ASSUALT TACTICS! == [added on behalf of TheSparr0w]

=== All out Blitz(as an AR or Rifleman) === Choice Number 1 ...My and my Clans FAVORITE lol...

  1. After Spawn run around the southside of Middle Assault hill
  2. Run up to and jump over the wooden fence
  3. Run through the first tent
  4. Stop and the left side of the second tent
  5. Shoot anyone in the windows ...usually someone in west Entry...
  6. Run around the left, north, side of the second tent and straight through the open in the fence
  7. Make a mad dash to the west entry door
  8. ...get ready to fire..., Open Door, Rush in.
  9. Turn right the west entry door and shoot the Stairs camper

(if you do this quick enough the camper will be caught off guard)

=== All out Blitz(as an AR or Rifleman) === Choice Number 2

  1. After Spawn, head north.
  2. Run between Middle assault hill and the North Hill
  3. Head West Between the hills towards the tent area
  4. Jump over the wooden fence around the tent area
  5. go straight thru the first tent, and the 2nd tent
  6. jump through the broken down fence, stop at the 'zil truck'
  7. Throw a 'nade into the Top Office North Window
  8. Then turn north and get a flash ready
  9. As soon as you open the Radio Room door throw a Flash
  10. when flash Goes off run thru the door and up the stairs (there will probably be some one waiting for you)

=== All out Blitz(as an AR or Rifleman) === Choice Number 3

  1. After spawn, take off running to your right
  2. Once you reach the 'ruins' jump over them and head west down the 'South Road'
  3. Don't Worry about shooting at OpFor in the Buildings just keep running down the road.
  4. Soon you'll come to a small hill, go around the south side.
  5. Once you get around the side of the hill make a mad dash north towards the tunnel entrance
  (Beware of snipers and riflemen in the 'Damaged rooftop')
  1. Hurry yourself into the tunnel, be very cautious and listen for footsteps theres a good chance your not alone!
  2. Make your way through the tunnel
  3. Now if you really want to end the round quick
  - Crack the Basement Computer room door open
  - Jump on the table and sit behind the computer
  - Get the objective
  1. Now if you don't want to get the objective just run out of the room and up the stairs

Defense Tactics edit

Choice Numero Uno edit

  1. If you spawn in the garage run north to the radio room
  2. Crack the door
  3. Run up the first flight of stairs
  4. Get your 'nade out
  5. Count about 10 seconds
  6. Start cooking your grenade and run up the next flight of stairs
  7. Throw the 'nade out the south window towards west entry
  8. If Assault has been rushing West Entry Hard... you should get a kill.
  9. Run back down the stairs and camp either north side stairs, west entry hallway, or the room between garage and radio room.

Defense Tips edit

  1. When shooting out of any window, there is a very real chance of being shot by an OPFOR 203 round. Therefore limit your time in rooms with windows to a minimum, just enough to shoot an enemy target.
  2. Also, do not use weapons with tracer rounds such and the RPK or SAW in rooms, because tracer rounds flying out of a window is a good indication to the enemy that the room is occupied.
  3. Usually a key to winning rounds in which the building is over run, is to address the threats inside the building first. Do not worry about enemies outside, when there are those inside which may take you off guard.
  4. While trying to stop a rush, use automatic fire and aim a little in front of where you enemy will run. However, when targeting far away enemies, such as in the South East Hills, use single fire.
  5. It is the duty of snipers to call out enemy movements. Reporting enemy numbers and if possible weapon type is almost as valuable if you had gotten a kill.
  6. Always be careful of OPFOR wielding an M203 around the back side of the building. It is ALWAYS better to wait and engage these enemies inside, than attempting to pop out and shoot quickly.