America's Army: Special Forces/HQ Raid Tactics

HQ Raid Tactics - AssaultEdit

It's usually best to stick around the edges of the map for the starting period of a round. This way you cannot get easily shot from behind. Also this is prevent flanking although the OPFOR may have the same idea so keep an eye out.

Also nightvision in HQ Raid isn't really an advantage as the night vision makes some things harder to see although you may have your gamma down lower than mine so keep flicking it on and off to catch any OPFOR off guard.

Only the Assault team gets nightvision goggles. Use this to your advantage. You can see further with NV, so take your time and advance slowly staying off ridges which would reveal you as a silhouette.

Two recommended strategies for the Assault team are to either go North or go West from spawn.

  • Going North: Watch out for enemies hidden to the right of the bridge and

directly across from it. There is a great defence camping spot to the right of the cabin that can cover the Objective and people approaching from the north.

  • Going West: Watch out on your left, lots of times OPFOR will rush the

flank or go up on the ridge and open with a SAW. I suggest going NNW and killing the OPFOR that come up near the mound of dirt and then advancing down to the cabin using sights and NV.