America's Army: Special Forces/FLS Assault Tactics

On Assault, there are basically three ways you can go, Attack the bunkers from the north, the south or suppress from the middle.

Generally the latter proves to be suicidal, unless the defence are noobs.

From the north there are serveral possibilites, but they all have downfalls. Due to the fact that the enemy have grenades, where ever you attack from the north or south you are likely to find your self avoiding nades.


From fence line, behind hummer, or crates, or stand on wing of generator (good cover from light, but be ware of defence moving to rear of bunker).


From behind hummer, fence, or crouch on crates behind hummer, closest to the bunker.


Generally the best spot is south of DZ, By the trees, is a small dip directly west of the south bunker, in this dip you can easily take cover, fire and hide, with a perfect view of the south bunker. Also, the Northwest Lights closest to the middle, if you get there without being spotted, you will be close to the North Bunker, but the Defense still won't be able to see you. Parachuting:

Do not jump east, unless suicide is your thing. Jump north, south, west, a few clicks east of north or south, approach east and you will land within easy sight and sound of the defenders.


Before moving to a position near the north or south hummers, throw a smoke nade somwhere in the general direction of the front of the bunker (do this at the northern most or southern most, depending on approach, Light) this will attract the attention of defenders, hopefully they will concentrate on the smoke, and not your approach, think of it as a diversion.

Thats all from me folks. [NW1AD]Lunotic.....out.