America's Army: Special Forces/Console Scripting

In game binding

Note - pretty much anything in this will now get you banned from TWL...sigh...

Hit ~ to bring down console.
bind (key) (command)

bind x say Good Job

Your "x" key is now permanently bound (User.ini modified) to say "Good Job". "say" can be replaced with teamsay, commoradio, commoshout, commowhisper, commosquad, commohand, or any of the actions listed below. If you do a commobinding, please refer to the list below to see which numbers to use for which commo commands.

bind x commoradio 1

This will make you radio "Move out" according to the commoradio list below due to the number 1 in the binding.

Multiple bindings can be done on the fly also(Illegal in TWL). To add extra binds to a key use "|" with a space on either side.
bind x teamsay Reloading! | reload

When you press x, this bind will say reloading! to your team and then it will reload your gun.

You can, of course, rebind it to something else at any time. It will replace the old bind you had there if any. This will mess you up if you bind it to a movement key. You will then have to go to the settings panel and change it back or type bind (key) (movement name) to fix it.

User.ini Binding

Eventually, you may find that you have more bindings then keys, especially if you make make-specific binds. In order to get around this problem, you can load binds with a text file. In your user.ini file you would have:

(key)=exec FILENAME.txt

Within FILENAME.txt would look like the following:
bind (key) (command)
bind (key) (command)
bind (key) (command)

User.ini Example:
X=exec mybinds.txt

Within mybinds.txt would look like the following:
bind Y Say Hello world
bind Z Say Hi there

When I load the game, hitting Y will do nothing. But if I hit my X key, it will bind Y to say "Hello World". Using multiple .txt files, you can swap large numbers of binds in and out of your User.ini file.

Note: You can modify your user.ini file directly to create individule binds (without the file swapping described above). Just open it up in a text editor (Notepad perhaps), find the keys you want to change, modify them how you want, then save the file and open AA. In Windows the user.ini file, by default, is located at C:\Program Files\America's Army\System\user.ini

Binding Commo Messages

(key)=commo(list) | CommoSendMessage (x) where list is radio, shout, whipser, squad, or hand and x is 1 through 28

k=commohand | CommoSendMessage 6

Now for you own:

(key)=CommoHand | CommoSendMessage 1
^ Problem with the above is that it leaves the commo mode in CommoHand

<key>=CommoHand | CommoSendMessage 1 | CommoRadio
^ but now there's a problem here to. Now it leaves the Radio menu open and you have to hit a key to shut it.
Proper fix:

<key>=CommoHand | CommoSendMessage 1 | CommoRadio | CommoSendMessage 99
This works correctly by sending a bogus commosendmessage to CommoRadio.

Commo List

Hand signals (key)=CommoHand
1 - Move out
2 - Stop
3 - Get down
4 - Look this way
5 - Ready
6 - Double time
8 - Affirm
9 - Negative

Squad Commands
1 - Squad, form up!
2 - Squad, spread out!
3 - Fall back! Fall back!
4 - Squad, Open fire
5 - Squad, Cease fire
6 - Squad, Hold this position
7 - Squad, Report in
8 - Squad, Silence! Silence!
9 - Squad, Operate as a unit
10 - There's no I in team
11 - That may be your way, but it's not the army way
12 - What are you doing soldier?
13 - Hit the dirt!
14 - Stay down
15 - Grandma was slow but she was old
16 - That don't make no sense at all
17 - Good job soldier!
18 - Great job team!

NOTE: Squad commands only work if you are the squad leader

1 - Move out
2 - Stop
3 - Cover me
4 - Enemy spotted
5 - Take cover
6 - Enemy down
7 - Area secure
8 - Roger
9 - Negative
10 - Up
11 - Down
12 - Left
13 - Right
14 - North
15 - South
16 - East
17 - West
18 - Hooah
19 - Sniper
20 - Frag'em
21 - Smoke'em
22 - Flash'em
23 - Grenade
24 - Ready
25 - I'm hit
26 - Get the door
27 - Check your flanks
28 - Psst - Whisper; Frag Out - Shout; Beeps - Radio
31 - Stop so I can Treat You
32 - Medic! [Position]

Action - Open doors, take objectives, etc...
AGPMainMenu - AA main menu
AltFire - Alternate fire mode
Binoculars - Selects Binoculars (SGT/FTL only)
Brightness - Changes screen brightness
CallMedic - Player yells "Medic" if injured
CommoCycle - Cycles through commos
CommoGlobal - Global (seen by all players (all LIVE players if you are dead))
CommoHand - Hand signal commos
CommoRadio - Radio commos
CommoShout - Shout commos (Heard by all in range)
CommoSquad - Squad commos
CommoWhisper - Whisper commos (Heard by all in range)
Console - Pull up the console
Contrast - Changes monitor contrast
Crawling - Prone/Standing toggle
Crosshair - Change crosshair
Crouching - Crouch/Standing toggle
FastMove - Toggle run/walk
Fire - Fire Weapon (must be bound to key)
Fixjam - Fix jammed weapon
Flush - flushes graphics useful for lowend systems
FreeLook - Free look
Gamma - Changes monitor gamma
Grenadeflash - Select flash grenade
Grenadefrag - Select fragmentation grenade
Grenadesmoke - Select smoke grenade
Jump - Jump
LeanLeft - Lean/roll left
LeanRight - Lean/roll right
LeftRail - Activate mod on the left rail
LookDown - Moves aimpoint down
LookUp - Moves aimpoint up
MoveBackward - Move backwards
MoveForward - Move forwards
NV - Night vision goggles
Pause - Pauses single player game
PlayerList - Shows list of players
Quit - Exit America's Army
Reload - Reload weapon
ReportIn - Reports in your current location to team
Resolution - Change screen resolution
Reasonlist - Shows reasons for kicking a player
RightRail - Activate mod on the right rail
Say - Prompts for text message
SelectClass - Shows the weapons selection screen
SelectTeam - Shows the team selection screen
SetIndex 0 - Changes M4 Mod set to number 1
SetIndex 1 - Changes M4 Mod set to number 2
SetIndex 2 - Changes M4 Mod set to number 3
SetIndex 3 - Changes M4 Mod set to number 4
SetIndex 4 - Changes M4 Mod set to number 5
SetSquadTarget - Sets squad objective
Shot - Takes a Screenshot (Saved as .bmp in America's Army/ScreenShots directory)
ShowObjectives - Shows mission objectives
ShowScores - Shows scores and most teammates/opponents
SkinTonePref - =None/Light/Medium/Dark
Strafe - set strafe mode on/off
StrafeLeft - Strafe left
StrafeRight - Strafe right
Suicide - Kill yourself
SupportedFire - Switch to supported fire/grenade mode (M249, M24, M82, M203, GP30 only)
Suppressor - Puts the suppressor on the modified M4
SwapHands - Shoulder/unshoulder weapon
Talk - Prompts for text message
TeamSay - Prompts for text message that only your team sees
TeamTalk - Prompts for text message that only your team sees
ThrowWeapon - Drops weapon to ground
TurnLeft - Turns aimpoint left
TurnRight - Turns aimpoint right
Turn180 - Turns character 180 degrees around
UseJoyStick - Enable JoySticks
Votekick - Initiate/add a vote to a votekick
Zoom - Brings up sights/scope

Copied from and reformatted by DesertFox_59 {X}