America's Army: Special Forces/Common Issues

Technical Issues

Q: I get an error message that says "No Label" when I try to run AASF.
A: Check that your system meets the minimum requirements and that your video card is supported.

System Requirements:
1.0 GHz processor
256 MB of RAM
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
1.6 GB of free HD space
DirectX 8.1
64 MB vid. card supporting transform and lighting
56k or better internet connection (DSL is the best)
DirectX 8.1 compatable sound with Dolby Digital support

I used to have this error and found that *to me* it was due to overheating (chcorreia)

Good point. This can also occur when you vid card or processor overheats. --Desertfox 59 00:58, 13 May 2004 (UTC)

Currently, as of 2.1, there seems to be a bug on bridge that gives you a critical error if you get a bad angle spectating the m82 rifleman, so you should press the action key (Default key is E) to go into first person spectator mode. That should fix it. --[LB]Chewy 09:22, 3 Jul 2004 (UTC)