America's Army: Special Forces/Advanced Marksmanship Training

M24 RangeEdit

  1. Go Prone and Deploy Bipod by pressing "H".
  2. Take Practice shots at the red targets to get a feel for timing the breathing.
  3. During the test, take your time and find the small white target downrange.
  4. Shoot the target the same way you shot the red targets in practice.

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Problems with Advanced MarksmanEdit

Q: I can't select Advanced Marksman training.

A: Did you get the Expert Rating on the Rifle Range? If so, look at the next question, otherwise you cannot be a sniper.

Q: I got an expert rating, but I still can not do the sniper course.

A: Make sure that you uploaded your results from the Rifle range into your Personal Jacket. Also try exiting the game, and then starting the game. If none of that works, press ~ and type open m24_range.

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Tips For Advanced Marksman TrainingEdit

  1. Always take your shots while lying down and with the bipod up.
  2. Wait until you have finished your breath and you are not moving. Take that 1 second to pull off your shot.
  3. Since you only get 1 shot, aim for the chest. Don't try going for the head unless you are just fooling around. Most times, you won't get the headshot, especially if it is your first time using the M24 or M82.
  4. Make sure that the target you are aiming at is actually the target you need to hit. Take your time finding it and lining up your shot, as you have as much time as you need.


Here is what I have in addition to MM_Snuffy's guide:

  • When qualifying with an M24, aim a bit to the left (in the left shoulder from your point of view), wait for that space between the breaths and fire.
  • For the M82, aim for the right shoulder from your point of view.
  • Use the bipod (H)
  • When disposing of the mortar shell, aim for the lower portion and a bit to the right (like 1 pixel)
  • If you miss, the next time stand up and walk backwards. The guy will say "Time for your test" or something like that, so you don't have to shoot all bullets again.
  • If you just can't get it, practice. It is not that hard.


The following is a guide to sniping with any weapon, including the effective accuracy while under different conditions. Pendragon's Sniper School