Alternative Socioeconomics/The Venus Project

The Venus Project (TVP) "presents a bold, new direction for humanity that entails nothing less than the total redesign of our culture." The Venus project aims to provide a solution to today's problems of unemployment, violent crime, replacement of humans by technology, over-population and sustainability through the application of science to society. The Venus project present a holistic design, key components of which include:

A Resource Based Economy: instead of an economy based on decisions made by companies based on consumer demand, an RBE is based on using the scientific method to satisfy human needs. This includes implementing a vastly different political system focusing more on direct democracy and automation of government by democratically-controlled computers in order to prevent the election of dishonest people.

Cities function best when they're planned. Although certain people may not agree with the artist's depiction of circular cities portrayed by TVP's videos/movies, a purpose is to show what good planning can do. TVP may be criticized for its designs that may seem dull and boring, but the point isn't to replicate exactly what the graphics look like.

Energy, as anyone with decent education should know, should be clean and sustainable. While the oil age has permitted humanity with many technological advances despite environmental side-effects, the lack of democracy and accountability among governments and oil companies can and have caused devastating consequences. The astronomical quantities of money misspent by governments in general, including to subsidize oil, can go to more important causes, including clean energy.

Housing: in the case of homelessness, it's been proven that it's cheaper to rehabilitate and house them instead of leave them on the street.



TZM split with TVP regarding disagreements between the current representatives, but these events shouldn't distract people from their similar purposes and philosophies.