The European Organisation for Sustainability (EOS) has a two part plan for an alternative socio-economic system; a people side and a technical side. The technical side manages all the technical aspects of society such as production, transportation, education and medical. The people side manages all non-technical aspects such as morality and culture aspects. For example, televisions has a both a technical and people side. On the technical side we have the design of cameras, recording equipment and broadcasting equipment. We also have technical standards to maintain and implement. However, what the system should broadcast, the actuarial television programme content, falls within the people side. From a technical point of view an engineer would need to do the same job regardless of programming but from a people point of view some programs might have a cultural acceptance but others might not. In the plan that EOS would propose each side would have a different form of management.

At the core of EOS's proposal lies the idea of sustainable. EOS aim for a socioeconomic system that offers a good standard of living for the longest time possible.

People Side

Technical Side