• This wikibook is a Gameplay Manual and Rule Book for the Allies vs. Axis board game.

Allies vs. Axis is a strategy board game depicts World War 2 inspired by the Monopoly board game. Currently it's only available for iPad.

Although this game is inspired by Monopoly, it comes with completely new, different game rules and playing styles, that makes it a completely new board game.

Allies vs. Axis v1.0
Allies vs. Axis v1.0
Allies vs. Axis v2.0
Allies vs. Axis v2.0

Version 1.0 is released on March 27, 2013.

Version 2.0 is released on April 30, 2013.

This help book is for Allies vs. Axis v2.0. Allies vs. Axis v1.0 help book is available at http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Allies_vs._Axis_v1.0.

What is Allies vs. Axis edit

Allies vs. Axis depicts World War 2 as 4-player Monopoly-like board game. Players choose either United Kingdom, Germany, United States or Japan to start the game, the ultimate goal is to defeat opponents by invading all of their territories (Conqueror Mode) or just invade their main country (Sudden Death Mode).

Terminology edit

These are some terminologies used in the book.

- Country: in this game, country is either a territory or a country.

- Territory: territory used in this book has the same meaning as country. Territory like Japan is a country; however Soviet Union is a group of countries.

- Alliance is a pact or coalition between 2 or more countries. In this game, there are 2 alliances: Allies and Axis (or Axis Powers).

- Allies: is an alliance between United Kingdom, France and United States. France is less mentioned in this game.

- Axis: is an alliance between Germany, Italy and Japan. Italy is less mentioned in this game.

- Main Territory is a territory where player selects in order to play game. There are 4 possible main territories: United Kingdom, United States, Germany and Japan. Main Territory that is not be selected by any player becomes Natural Ally.

- Neutral Country is a country/territory that do not join any alliances.

- Secret Territory is a territory that its location is unknown to outsider.

- Natural Allies are countries that having same cultures or sharing same goals that bind them together. In this game natural allies are United Kingdom and United States or Germany and Japan.

Screen Features edit

Screen features

• 1 - Game Board

• 2 - Spinner

• 3 - Token & End turn button

• 4 - Player Profile

• 5 - Country Profile

• 6 - Recruitment Poster

• 7 - Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Game Board edit

Allies vs. Axis game board

The Allies vs. Axis board consists of thirty-six (36) spaces containing:

- Four (4) Main Territories United Kingdom, United States, Germany and Japan at 4 board corners. Players will start the game at Main Territories.

- Twenty-two (22) general territories (territories or countries). Most general territories are neutral at beginning of the game, player can sign a treaty or invade it when landing on.

- Four (4) Secret territories spaces, space with plain grey color. Player can set up a secret base on it. Secret territories are hidden from normal can not be invaded by army.

- Three (3) Fortune spaces, space with a four-leaf clover. Player draws a Fortune card when landing on it.

- Three (3) Strategy spaces, space with a golden star. Player draws a Strategy card when landing on it.

Spinner edit


Spinner represents a six-side dice. Players spin the spinner to get a number of spaces they would move.

Token & End turn button edit


Token represents player in game board. There are 5 tokens available for each main country.


End turn button is hidden when spinner show up and shows up when spinner is hidden, player would not confuse when tapping end turn button.

In order to end current turn, player taps on End turn button.

Player Profile edit


Each player has his/her own profile, display currently owned resources, number of owned territories & support resources.

Allies vs. Axis 4-player profile

Resource providing color: number is Blue when player having more than other players, Red when having less than other players and Green is neither more or less than other players.

Due to space limitation, Player profile for 4-player game is smaller than player profile for 2-player game (as picture shows 4-player profile at 100% and 2-player profile at 60% of in-game size). In 4-player game, player can tap on player profile to rotate it to player's side.

Resources edit

There are 5 resources in Allies v.s Axis: money, infantry, tank, aircraft & battleship.

- Money: All countries/territories provide cash, just more or less. Money symbol is displayed as $M (which might mean Millions).

Money can be used for signing peace treaty or recruit army.

- Infantry: All countries/territories provide infantry, infantry is used for invading territories or defending territories.

For invading neutral territories, only infantry is used.

- Tank: Some countries provide tanks. Tanks are used to invade or defend territories.

- Aircraft: Several countries can produce aircraft. Aircraft is used to invade or defend territories.

- Battleship: A few countries can make battleship. Battleship can only be used in some territories that has seaport, in territories which has no seaport, battleships are not involved.

Every country/territory owned by player (including General Territories, Secret Territories or Main Territories) will provide resources for that player each turn; at the beginning of each turn. Player does not need to land on them to collect resources.

All resources providing by owning territories are accumulated in the second part of the Profile.

Country Profile edit

Country profile

Country Profile shows all country's properties.

When player lands on a country/territory or when player taps on a country/territory a Country Profile will displays at the center of the screen.

• Alliance side: blue means Allies, red is Axis, no tag means Neutral.

• Resource provided to player by Country. In example is $M 200, 4 Infantry, 4 Tanks, 2 Aircraft and 1 Battleship each turn.

• Defend Army defends country from invading. In this example is 20 Infantry, 20 Tanks, 15 Aircraft and 15 Battleships.

• Defend Power calculated from defend army.

Recruitment Poster edit

Each player has a Recruitment Poster placed under Player Profile.

Player taps on it to Recruit Army.


Pause Button edit

Allies vs. Axis Tea cup

Pause button is shown as a tea cup. Player taps on it to pause the game.

Multiplier edit

Allies vs. Axis Multiplier

When adding/subtracting unit to defend army or invading army, each tap will add/subtract only 1 unit.

In order to change number of unit per tap, player taps on this multiplier, there are 3 values x1, x5 (5 units per tap), x10 (10 units per tap).


AI edit

Allies vs. Axis toy aircraft

When Player plays with AI, there are 4 possible AIs to select:

- Tank AI: easy AI player, this AI tends to build strong defend countries.

- Aircraft AI: moderate AI player, this AI tends to build moderate defend countries, try to invade more countries.

- Battleship AI: hard AI player, this AI starts the game with some advantages, having either extra money or extra army or a nuclear bomb.

- Boss AI: hardest AI player, only allowed to select 1 Boss AI per game. Boss AI starts the game with no advantages.

To unlock Boss AI, player needs to complete the last Battle in Challenge mode.

When a player is AI, a toy represents for AI level is placed next to recruitment poster.

Game Mode edit

Game Modes edit

There are 3 game modes:

- Campaign Mode: player starts the game with pre-set conditions and resources. There are 4 battles to play in Campaign mode, player needs to complete each battle to unlock next battle. Complete Campaign Mode battles also unlock Challenge mode battles and Free Mode sub game modes.

- Challenge Mode: similar to Campaign Mode however each battle in Challenge Mode is much harder than in Campaign mode, player complete each battle to unlock next battle. Complete battles in Challenge mode also unlock Free Mode sub game modes.

- Free Mode: players are free to select sides and countries to start the game.

There are 4 sub game modes in Free Mode:

• Normal mode: Allies v.s Axis mode (*). Initial resource normal, Penalty rate normal, chance for drawing good fortune/strategy cards (Luck) normal. Only this game mode is available at beginning, other sub game modes need to be unlocked by completing Campaign battles or Challenge battles.

• Les Misérable: Allies v.s Axis mode (*). Initial resource depleted, Penalty rate normal, Luck higher than Normal Mode.

• Fierce Battles: Allies v.s Axis mode (*). Initial resource normal, Penalty rate high, Luck high.

• The World Ruler: Ruler mode (**). Initial resource high, Penalty rate high, Luck high.

(*) Allies vs. Axis: means players fight for Allies alliance or Axis alliance. Players who choose United Kingdom and/or United States will play against Players choose Germany and/or Japan.

(**) Ruler: players fight to be a Ruler. There are no alliances in this game mode, player has to defeat all other players to win, i.e. United Kingdom vs. United States vs. Germany vs. Japan.

Game End Rules edit

Game End Rules are conditions to determine how a player is lost. There are 2 main game end conditions.

- 1st main End Condition: either Conqueror (player lost all territories) or Sudden Death (player lost main country, e.g. United Kingdom or Germany).

- 2nd main End Condition: either 3 or 5 times be imprisoned by opponent.

Official Rules edit

Preparation edit

To begin, each player selects a country, either United Kingdom (Allies), United States (Allies), Germany (Axis) or Japan (Axis). The game can only begin when having 2 players in opposite alliances (Allies vs. Axis).

Player then choose one token in 5 available tokens of each country. The token will be placed on the Player's selected Main country (United Kingdom, United States, Germany or Japan).

General Rules edit

Each player, in turn, spins a spinner and then moves forward (clockwise around the board) the number of spaces indicated by the spinner.

Note: 1) Resource is collected at the beginning of player turn, before player spinning the spinner.

2) All actions such as Invade Country, Recruit Army, Build Defend Army, Sign Peace Treaty, Use Card is not available before player spin the spinner. This prevents player from doing the same action twice on 1 territory, may cause conflict to other players.

(Example of conflict and redundant moves: player lands on Norway, invade it, turn end, then other player lands on Norway and invade it, then back to player turn, it will cause conflict and redundant moves if player is allowed to invade Norway again in his/her turn then other player again re-invade it in his/her turn)

Ater landing on a space , depends on where the token landed, there respective actions as follows:

Neutral Country edit


When player lands on a neutral territory, which do not join any alliances, player will have 2 choices, either to Invade it or Sign a Treaty.

- Sign a Treaty (green button): will persuade country join alliance with a cost of money, in this case is $M 200. Treaty cost will gradually increase after signing each treaty.

- Invade (blue button): will force country join alliance, this will cost some infantry, in this case is 10 Infantry. Only Infantry is allowed to invade neutral country.

Neutral Secret Territory edit


When player lands on an neutral secret territory, player can set up a secret base on it.

The cost for setup a secret base is fixed as $M 500. Player taps on green button to set up.

Once the secret base is set up, it will provide resource to player each turn, player does not have to visit again to collect resource.

Secret base is safe from army activities, player does not have to build defend army to protect it because its position is unknown to other players. In order to destroy a secret base, player will need an Espionage strategy card.

Neutral Main Territory edit


Main Territory such as United Kingdom, United States, Germany or Japan stays neutral when no player select it and becomes Natural Ally.

A Natural Ally only ally to its chosen side i.e. United Kingdom and United States or Germany and Japan.

The cost to set up a natural ally is fixed as $M 2000. Players do not have to build defend army on Natural Ally Territories since player from opposite side can not invade it by any normal army activities.

Friendly Country edit

Allies vs. Axis friendly country

In 3 or 4-player game, there are chances that player would land on a country owned by player in the same alliance, such as UK player lands on US player's country or Germany player lands on Japan player's country.

In that case, there are no further actions such as invading, building defend army, using strategy cards when player lands on a friendly country, just a plain visit.

Owned/Allied Country edit


When player lands on an owned/allied country which having the same alliance tag, player can build defend army to protect it.

Defend army Controller has 4 buttons as for Infantry, Tank, Aircraft and Battleship. (Battleship button is not available in no-seaport country)

Player taps on + sign to add unit to defend army and taps on - sign to take unit back to player's resource.

Defend army power is calculated based on Defend Army units.

Opponent Country edit


Penalty edit

Countries/Territories owned by the opposite alliance are opponent Countries/Territories.

Player lands on an opponent country will receive a penalty to his/her army. Normally the penalty cost is 30% of Country defend power.

In example, penalty cost is 30% x 374 = 113 (30% of 374 is exactly 112.2, and rounded up to 113)

That is equal to 113 Infantry or 38 Tanks or 23 Aircraft or 17 Battleships or a combination of army units that having power equal to 113.

When receiving penalty, player unit is deducted from the weakest unit to strongest unit, i.e. Infantry will be deducted first, Battleship is deducted last.

If all player units is deducted to zero (0), player is imprisoned in that opponent country. If player still having units after penalty, he/she can invade it.

Invade edit

In order to invade opponent country, player needs to prepare an invading army that have attack power equal (or greater) than country's defend army.

Invading Controller has 6 buttons, 4 blue buttons are for adding/subtracting Infantry, Tanks, Aircraft and Battleships. (Note that in countries having no-seaport, battleship button is not available)

Green button is Auto setup invading army, all required numbers will be filled up by just one tap, it makes thing more convenient for player.

Red button is Invade command. Player taps on it when attack power is equal or greater than Country's defend power to invade it.

Once country is invaded, it becomes owned/allied country. Player can build defend army to protect it.

Fortune Place edit

When player lands on a fortune space, player will have a fortune card.

Allies vs. Axis fortune card

• Fortune card will go into effect immediately. In this example, Blizzard card will freeze direct opponent(*) for 1 turn.

(*) Direct opponent is the opponent that will receive bad luck effect when player draw a fortune card.

- In 2-player game, direct opponent is certainly the other player.

- In 3 or 4-player game, direct opponent is determined as followed:

• United Kingdom: 1st is Germany, 2nd is Japan.

• United States: 1st is Japan, 2nd is Germany.

• Germany: 1st is United Kingdom, 2nd is United States.

• Japan: 1st is United States, 2nd is United Kingdom.

By default, 1st country is direct opponent of player country, if 1st country does not join the game or surrendered, 2nd country becomes direct opponent.

Strategy Place edit

Allies vs. Axis strategy card

When player lands on a Strategy space, he/she will take a Strategy cards.

Most Strategy cards can be kept for later use. When a strategy card is kept by user, a golden star will appear under player's recruitment poster.

Use card edit

Allies vs. Axis strategy card 2

When player lands on an opponent country and want to use strategy card, player taps on golden star, a strategy card will appear.

Most strategy cards are free to use, some cards comes with a using cost, e.g. $M 5000 for Estrangement card, player shall lose $M 5000 when use that card.

In this example, using Battle of Britain card cost $M 0, player taps on Use card button (green button) to destroy all Country's aircraft.


Other Rules edit

Strategic Moves edit

After spinning the spinner and landing on a space, if player has enough money to buy a strategic move, a Strategic Move Controller will appear at spinner place (spinner then hidden).


Player has 3 seconds to decide which strategic move is bought, if player taps on blue button (show time) or player has not bought any strategic move when time end, the current space is final.

There are 4 possibles strategic moves:

• Advance 1 step (green button with 1 yellow footprint): initially cost $M 1000, the cost will increase after each strategic move buying, i.e. second time is $M 2000, 3rd time is $M 4000 and go on.

• Go back 1 step (red button with 1 yellow footprint): its cost is same as Advance 1 step cost.

• Advance 2 steps (green button with 2 yellow footprints): cost twice as Advance 1 step.

• Go back 2 steps (red button with 2 yellow footprints): cost twice as Advance 1 step.

Note: the above cost is for 2-player game, for 3 or 4-player game the initial cost is $M 500, increase step is $M 500/each time.

Seaport / Non-Seaport Country edit


Not all countries had good seaports in World War 2. Countries had no seaports or weak seaports, in this game, is set as Non-Seaport countries.

Seaport country will have battleship in defend army; Non-Seaport country will not have battleship in defend army.

The advantage of Non-Seaport country is opponent can not use battleship to attack make it harder to be invaded.

Recruit Army edit

Player taps on recruitment poster to recruit more army units. A Recruitment Controller will display on screen.


There are 4 buttons in Recruitment Controller, respective for Infantry, Tank, Aircraft and Battleship.

Player taps on +1 to buy 1 unit and taps on +All to buy all available units.

Army Unit comparison as below:


• Attack Power is Unit Power.

For example: Invading army has 1 Infantry, 1 Tank and 1 Aircraft.

Total Power of Invading Army is : 1 + 3 + 5 = 9.

• Defend Power is Unit Power + Defend Support Power. Defend Support Power is added to Stronger Units from Weaker Units.

For example: When defend army has 1 Infantry unit, 1 Tank unit and 1 Aircraft unit.

- Aircraft unit's power is 5, its power is supported +1 from a Tank unit and +1 from an Infantry. Total defend power of Aircraft becomes 5+1+1 = 7.

- Tank unit's power is 3, its power is supported +1 from an Infantry. Total defend power of Tank unit becomes 3+1 = 4;

- Infantry unit power is 1. No support added.

So the total defend power of 1 Infantry, 1 Tank and 1 Aircraft is : 1 + 4 + 7 = 12.

• Both Defend Power and Attack Power are auto-calculated by the game, players do not have to calculate it; player adds unit to defend army and Country's defend power will display. Those information aim to explain game mechanism.

Pay ransom edit

Player is imprisoned when landing on an opponent country and all army unit is deducted to zero 0, by landing penalty. (For non-seaport countries, only 3 units Infantry, Tank and Aircraft are deducted to 0).

Allies vs. Axis player imprisoned

When player is imprisoned, the current turn is immediately terminated and passed to next player.

Ransom Controller

When it comes to player's turn and player is imprisoned, player has to pay ransom to regain his/her action.

A ransom controller is appeared with 2 options: Pay ransom (released from prison & start a turn) or Refuse to pay ransom (stay in prison & end turn).

The ransom cost is $M 2000 at first time imprisoned and increase $M 2000 each time player is imprisoned, i.e. 2nd time is $M 4000, 3rd time is $M 6000 and so on.

Ransom payment will transfer directly to country's owner.

Note: in 3 or 4-player game, ransom cost start with $M 1000 due to hard earn money. 2nd time imprisoned cost $M 2000, 3rd time is $M 3000 and so on.

External Links edit