Alien hominid guide

What is alien hominid?Edit

alien hominid is a flash game made in 2002 on the website known as Newgrounds where you play an alien that crash-landed on earth and you have to mission to kill the FBI and run away, you have 8 lives and Infinite bullets, two bosses are robots, one is a tall robot with a lazar and one is a giant FBI robot!

fan art image of what the player looks like

you play with the arrow keys and press up arrow to lookup left and right to walk, and down to crawl. shoot with A and jump with S.

What's the best way to defeat normal FBI?Edit

The best strategy for the FBI is to jump on a building, wait for them to fire, then jump down and kill them, if they shoot from a distance try crawling to dodge but them jump after the bullet passes you because they can quickly lay down and shoot you fast, keep dodging bullets by jumping and laying down and shooting them, but remember that you only have ten lives. At the start, there is a kid that walks past you. the game doesn't start until you shoot him or he walks off-screen. so use that time to adjust to your control

How to beat boss IEdit

To defeat the first boss battle you can stay on the balcony and jump when he runs at you, when he runs to your side of the screen and back he pulls a lazar and shoot the balcony, so when he makes it back to the right side of the screen then get down, then he will stop for a second and shoot the bottom of the screen to jump to the balcony when is done shooting the balcony! then he is going to run around again, shoot him when he is shooting the lazar up top.

How to beat level IIEdit

level II starts after boss I, you will instantly be greeted by FBI guards after the boss so gets ready! watch out for the bomb guy, there is one and the has a shield and infinite grenades, jump over him and kill him, use the strategy on the regular FBI

Final boss (boss II)Edit

to beat the FBI giant, you have to dodge his shots and jump on his gun and shoot his head, he will punch you when doing this but it doesn't do damage, it just pushes you off keep doing this until he dies.

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