There are six types of print ads: One-Liner, News, Spiral, Story, Sermon, and Outline.

Print ads use a combination of headlines, subheadings, body text and/or images. Often, there is a logo or slug, for brand identification, as well.

To be effective, headlines must be attention-grabbing. They should "draw in" a viewer. A headline should also be a complete message.

Types of headlines are News, Questions, and Testimonials.

However, it has been estimated that only 10% of readers will actually read an ad. So, make sure the product appears in a picture or is mentioned in the headline.

Direct Marketing


Direct Marketing is mailed to the target audience. One type of mailing is sent in a standard business envelope. The envelope-mailing has many parts: the Insert, Letter, Brochure, and BRE (Business Reply Envelope), as well as the Envelope itself. The mailing may have some of these elements, or all of them.

The first key to a successful envelope mailing is to get your target to open it. Obviously, if the target doesn't open the envelope and read some of the material, your money is wasted. The envelope may have exhortations to get the recipient to open the letter (e.g., "URGENT!").

The Insert is a small one or two-sided sheet of paper with a summary of the mailing. If you want to use bullet points, here's a good place to put them.

For the Letter, have a good first line that hooks them. Try to hit on a topic of discontent for the reader (which your product will solve). Avoid talking about the company or the product's history. Talk about the reader, and his/her interests. Make sure to sum up the product's main points in the first paragraph. Repeat those benefits often throughout the letter.

The "Lift" Note is a trifold pamphlet, often with testimonials extolling the worthiness of the product. It may end with a closer ("But wait...there's more!").

The Business Reply Envelope is a postage-paid, pre-addressed envelope to make it easy for the target to reply. You should use a BRE even if you supply a "more convenient" method of reply or payment.

A postcard is the most basic form of direct mail. The size can range from 4.25 x 6(minimum allowed by post office) up to a jumbo postcard (6 x 10). The larger the postcard the more visible it will appear in the mail. The typical postcard is printed four-color process on the front, and one-color black on the un-coated back side.