Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Recreation/Tree Climbing

Tree Climbing
South Pacific Division/Island Ed.
Skill Level Unknown Answer-Keys 06.jpg
Year of Introduction: Unknown

1. Practice your tree climbing skills a number of times on a 10-15 foot tree.Edit

2. Climb a 20-foot coconut tree. Demonstrate the manner of getting back down to the ground safely.Edit

3. a. Climb a tree using any one of four common methods.Edit

3. b. Describe the other methods in detail to the instructor.Edit

4. The instructor should select trees suitable for climbing; one with lots of branches, the other a coconut tree. Each person must demonstrate on each of the two trees on how to apply the two methods of tree climbing (squat hopping and monkey type.)Edit

5. Demonstrate how you would safely carry a bush knife and an axe up a tree.Edit

6. a.Climb a coconut tree demonstrating how you would carry a bag.Edit

6. b. Remove a coconut without using a knife or sharp instrument using only your limbs and return to the ground with it in your bag.Edit

7. Know how to remove an injured person from a tree.Edit