Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Recreation/Letterboxing - Advanced

Letterboxing - Advanced
North American Division
Skill Level 2
Year of Introduction: 2008

1. Complete the Letterboxing honor.


Instructions and tips for earning the Letterboxing honor can be found in the Recreation chapter.

2. Create a letterbox stamp, post clues on a web site, establish and maintain a letterbox for six months.


Each club or unit may want to establish a series of stamps with other units or clubs. There is a potential for using your letterbox as a witnessing tool. The stamps could have a Biblical theme or the box could be located at your church. Our local clubs are making a series on the life of Moses. Another idea is for the boxes to contain stamps images that when interconnected produce one picture.

Everyone should be involved in creating the cache stamp. If more than five are working on the honor, two or more caches should be established. When hiding a new box you must contact the landowner for permission. No letterboxes are to be hidden in National Parks or National Forests.

The 3 month maintenance is a minimum, but Pathfinders should not be made to wait too long before receiving their honor. You should visit the box once a month to insure it is intact. Some smugglers or non-letterboxers find the cache and steal or scatter the contents.

3. As a unit, club or family find the clues and then locate an additional twenty letterboxes not found for the basic honor, eight which can be part of two or more series. Individually “stamp in”, imprint the letterbox stamp in your log book and record your find on the web site.


See answer to basic Letterboxing, requirement 5.

4. Design, create and carve your own hitchhiker stamp. Hide in a letterbox, post on a web site and track its travels for six months.


Many letterboxing stamps don’t have a wood backing on them, but the stamp looks better and is more durable when you add the backing. However, a hitchhiker stamp must not be very big, so you wouldn’t put a wood backing on it.

5. Participate in an exchange with letterboxers other than your local club members and obtain a minimum of 20 stamp images.


This would be a great activity at a camporee. Similar interaction as pin trading, but cheaper.