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Preach It - Advanced
North American Division
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Year of Introduction: 2009
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The requirements listed for this honor are those proposed to the NAD. The NAD has accepted the honor, but has not yet released the official requirements. It is not known whether the official requirements differ from the proposed requirements, but once that information is available, this page will be updated.

The NAD has recently adopted the practice of not releasing the official requirements (and answers) until after the honor patches have been received by AdventSource. This takes several months, so we expect to see the official documentation sometime in the summer of 2009. Releasing the information sooner (as has been done in the past) causes an undue burden on AdventSource, because they receive many phone calls asking about the tokens.

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1. Complete the basic Preach It HonorEdit

Instructions and tips for earning the Preach It honor can be found in the Outreach chapter.

2. Participate in a Media type evangelistic seriesEdit

a. In any countryEdit

b. Preach at least 6 of the sermons in that seriesEdit

3. Read Evangelism pp 628-683 The Worker and His QualificationsEdit

Ellen White's book Evangelism can be purchased from the Adventist Book Center or it can be read online at The White Estate


Other recommended reading
  • “Winning with People” by John Maxwell
  • “The Dream Giver” by Bruce Wilkinson