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Stamps (Template)
Arts and Crafts
General Conference
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Year of Introduction: 1933

1. Relate briefly the story of the beginning of the postal service in your country.Edit

2. How is the history of your country told in postage stamps?Edit

3. What are the rates for first-class mail in your country?Edit

4. What country does not have its name on its stamps and why?Edit

5. Know the meaning of the followingEdit

a. Coil stampEdit

b. Booklet stampEdit

c. PerforationsEdit

d. Perforation gaugeEdit

e. Definitive stampsEdit

f. Commemorative stampsEdit

g. HingesEdit

h. Plastic mountsEdit

6. Have a knowledge of how to soak stamps from paper and how to dry them.Edit

7. Make a collection of at least 750 stamps. (No two stamps alike.)Edit

8. Properly classify these stampsEdit

a. As to country.Edit

b. In series; that is, according to year and design.Edit

9. Mount your stamps with gummed hinges or plastic mounts. (Plastic mounts are preferred for mint stamps.)Edit

10. Choose a topical idea and develop a display of at least nine pages, including a title page, suitable for a stamp club show, Pathfinder Fair, etc. Display should be artistically arranged, neatly labeled and mounted, showing careful thought and research. Be sure to include several covers or cachets.Edit