Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Arts and Crafts/Stamps (Australia)

Stamps (Australia)
Arts and Crafts
South Pacific Division
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Year of Introduction: 1933

1. Relate briefly the story of the beginning of the postal service in your country.Edit

2. Tell of the origin of the city delivery service and the extent of its development.Edit

3. Tell the story of the rural mail service and what it has meant to the people residing in the country.Edit

4. How is the history of your country told in postage stamps?Edit

5. What are the standard rates for air mail, surface mail, domestic and foreign?Edit

6. Give the parcel post rates on one kilogram for the first five zones.Edit

7. Make a collection of at least one thousand stamps (no stamp alike).Edit

8. Properly classify these stampsEdit

a. as to countryEdit

b. series; that is, according to year and design.Edit

9. Mount stamps correctly in a stamp album.Edit

10. Have a collection of at least twenty five stamps on one of the following Biblical themesEdit

a. birth of ChristEdit

b. death of ChristEdit

11. Relate the theme presented in the stamps, by expressing in an essay of one hundred words how this theme affects your life.Edit