Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Arts and Crafts/Soap Craft (South Pacific Division)

Soap Craft (South Pacific Division)
Arts and Crafts
South Pacific Division
Skill Level 1
Year of Introduction: 1964

1. What is soap and how is it made? edit

Soap is a natural fatty substance which has been reacted /mixed with lye.

2a. What "alkali metal" is used in soap? edit

2b. In what way does it affect the soap texture? edit

3. What is the fatty acid? edit

4a What is a detergent? edit

A detergent is any type of cleaner which doesn't contain / have soap as its main ingredient.

4b What is its relation to soap? edit

4c. Relate the advantages of a detergent and the disadvantages of soap. edit

5a Name some of the cleaning aids added to soap mixtures. edit

b. What makes soap float? edit

c. What makes soap hard? edit

6. Name four methods or formulas used in making soap transparent. edit

7. Name five uses of Quaternary ammonium compounds. edit

8. Carve an object from a bar of soap; decorate a bar of soap for a gift. edit

9. Complete a or b. edit

a. Obtain correspondence from soap-making firm about how soap is made. edit

b. Study and prepare from encyclopedia one to two pages explaining how soap is made. edit

10a. Explain two methods of making soap. edit

10b. Make a batch of soap by one of these methods. edit

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