Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Arts and Crafts/Needlecraft

Arts and Crafts
General Conference
Skill Level 2 Answer-Keys 06.jpg
Year of Introduction: 1928

1. Do two of the followingEdit

a. Embroider one of the following: dresser scarf, pair of pillowcases, luncheon cloth, or other equivalent article.Edit

b. Make a pillow cover or wall hanging, a set of four sachet pillows, or three tree ornaments out of any of the following methodsEdit

(1) Punch embroideryEdit

(2) CandlewickingEdit

(3) CrewelEdit

c. Make a pillow cover, wall hanging, cover for chair, footstool, or piano bench in needlepoint or counted cross stitch.Edit

d. Make an article using any of the following methodsEdit

(1) AppliqueEdit

(2) FagotingEdit

(3) SmockingEdit

(4) ShirringEdit

(5) Swedish weaving on linen or huck towelingEdit

2. Show articles you have made, using ten of the following stitchesEdit

a. BackEdit

b. BlanketEdit

c. BraidEdit

d. ButtonholeEdit

e. RomanEdit

f. ChainEdit

g. CrossEdit

h. FeatherEdit

i. Fishbone StemEdit

j. French knotEdit

k. Heavy chainEdit

l. HerringboneEdit

m. Lazy daisyEdit

n. Long and shortEdit

o. OutlineEdit

p. RunningEdit

q. SatinEdit

r. SplitEdit

s. Star fillingEdit

t. StemEdit

u. WhippingEdit

3. Show the correct way of gathering lace and whipping it to hemmed edge.Edit

4. Describe a satisfactory method of keeping your fancy-work equipment in good condition.Edit