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Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Arts and Crafts/Braiding - Advanced

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Braiding - Advanced
Arts and Crafts
General Conference
Skill Level 2 Answer-Keys 06.jpg
Year of Introduction: 1976


1. Have the Braiding Honor.Edit

Instructions and tips for earning the Braiding honor can be found in the Arts and Crafts chapter.

2. Make a six- or eight-strand zipper pull or key chain.Edit

3. Make a six- or eight-strand zipper pull or key chain showing zigzag technique by reversing direction of braid, or make a project showing the three-part inside or trick braid.Edit

4. Do one of the followingEdit

a. Six-strand lanyardEdit

b. Bookmark using at least six strandsEdit

c. Four-strand dog leash using twine or wire for a core to braid aroundEdit

5. Know how to start and end all projects.Edit