Adventist Investiture Achievement Awards



Adventist Investiture Achievement Awards is an instructor's guide for teaching the requirements of the new (summer 2011) Investiture Achievement Awards to members of Pathfinder Clubs and Adventist Youth Societies. Pathfinders and Adventist Youth are youth clubs operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Investiture Achievement Award Index


There are 6 Investiture Achievement Awards that have been approved by the North American Division. These are presented below. The stage icons ( ) indicate the percentage of the Investiture Achievement Awards that have comprehensive answers.


The answers here are based on the requirements as adopted for the North American Division.

This answer book is being written by Pathfinders for Pathfinders. Anyone (even non-Pathfinders) can contribute new answers or edit existing answers, and the reader is encouraged to become an active participant in the development of this continually evolving work.

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