Adventist Adventurer Awards and Answers/Weather

Little Lamb

Listen to a book about weather.


Say three things you learned about weather.

  • Rainbows have 7 colors - Red, Orange, Yellow, and Green, Blue, Indigo and Viliot
  • Clouds send the rain
  • You need sun and rain to make a rainbow
  • God made the clouds, the sun, the rain and everything

Play an action game about weather.


Thunderstorm Game Form the children into a circle. Together act out a thunderstorm.

  • Wave your hands together back and forth for the wind.
  • Put out your hands, wiggling the fingers as you sink to the floor for the rain.
  • Stamp your feet or clap your hands to make thunder sounds.

Say wind, rain, thunder as the children perform each action. If desired, the children can take turns calling out the actions for the others to follow.

Rain and Rainbows Explain how rainbows are formed under just the right conditions of sunlight and rain. On a sunny day, go out and turn on the water hose, lifting it high so the water makes an arc. Light should reflect off the water to form a small rainbow, just as it does when rainn and sun are present together. Ask the students to identify all the colors in the water hose rainbow. Back inside, or at picnic tables outside the children can draw pictures of the rainbows and rain.

Cotton Ball Cloud Hand out a cotton ball to each child to act as a pretend cloud. The children should touch and squeeze the cotton ball and explain how it feels. Next, introduce a small tub of water and have each child to put their cotton ball in the water. Clarify to the children that this is what occurs when water evaporates and goes up into the cloud where it is chilly and therefore turns into water. Place all the cotton balls on a flat surface and ask each child to pick one up, feel it and discuss how it feels. Explain that the water is dripping from the "cloud" because it got too heavy with water and that makes rain.

Learn Rain Rain Go Away together and act it out.

Make a weather craft.



Listen to and learn this catchy Rainbow Song and then color your own rainbows (with the colors in the right order).

Rainbow Art


  • Coffee filters
  • Markers
  • Water

Use markers to draw colored arcs on half of a coffee filter, paint over the filter with the water, and watch the colors blend together.


  • paper plate
  • crayons
  • piece of paper shape like an arrow

First draw the four different weather options ,cloudy ,sunny, rainy and windy Secondly punch a hole in the middle of the plate and attach the arrow Lastly ha e your children go outside and choose the weather they see



Weather Cards.pdf