Adventist Adventurer Awards and Answers/Trikes & Bikes

Listen to a book about trike & bike riding.


you can find the book Hello Bicycle in You tube"

Sing a song about trike & bike riding.


Ride a Bike song in YouTube

Another Bike song

Play a game about trike & bike riding.

  • Obstacle Course --

Ask each child to bring his or her favorite set of wheels.To create the course, arrange orange cones or other soft items in your yard or a nearby park. Include curves, turns, and small hills. Fuel the kids' excitement by timing each racer as he or she pedals to the finish line.

Make a trike & bike craft.

  • Bike Parade --

Have your children decorate their wheeled toys and then have a parade.

Lolly Stick Bicycle Craft – You will need

Cardboard hoops (craft shop wreath templates work well) or paper plates Lolly sticks. We used two sizes – the usual smaller ones and some large lolly sticks Paint Glue Any other decorations or embellishments you would like to use