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Adventist Adventurer Awards/Temperance

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Read and discuss I Corinthians 6:19, 20 and I Corinthians 3:17.Edit

What is meant by “drug” abuse and temperance.Edit

There are many good drugs, like penicillin, which have saved many lives; aspirin, which relieves headaches, and drugs that help cure cancer, etc. When someone uses drugs in harmful doses or in ways not prescribed by a doctor it is called drug abuse.

Temperance is moderation, self-control or self-restraint in what someone says or how they act. For example, if you eat just what you need at your meals without going back for second helpings, you are practicing temperance. If you hold yourself back from uttering a sarcastic comment, even though someone may provoke you, you are practicing temperance.

Talk to a doctor/nurse or discuss with an adult the use and effects of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs.Edit

Watch and discuss a film or video on the dangers of using any of the above.Edit

Watch the Youtube videos posted below under External Resources.

Tell why some people choose to smoke, drink alcohol or use drugs. Tell how we can choose not to use them ourselves.Edit

Plan a skit or play encouraging others to say “NO” and perform it with your group.Edit

Design an antismoking, antidrug, anti-alcohol slogan and paint it on a T-shirt.Edit

Create a poster or illustration showing the dangers of drug abuse.Edit

Identify two famous people or athletes who are the best in their area and tell why they do not use tobacco, drugs or alcohol.Edit

Interview two people you know who live happily and healthfully without using tobacco, drugs or alcohol, and discuss with them their reasons for being temperate.Edit

External ResourcesEdit

Wise Owl'S Drug Safety Kit 2/ - Youtube Video: Is that good for me?

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