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Safe Water

What stories in the Bible refer to drinking water?


Waters of Marah: Exodus 15:23, woman at the well: John 4:1-26 (Discuss how Jesus is the water of Life, our spiritual water), striking the rock, Numbers 20:1-29

What places do we get safe drinking water?


Purified sources: well, river, city water towers, lakes, underground aquifers

List some ways to purify water and demonstrate one of the ways

  • Strain and boil
  • Purification tablets
  • Water purification pump (such as ultra violet light or a mechanical pump)
  • Other

1 – Boiling water is the cheapest and safest method of water purification. Water sources and or channels of distribution may render your water unsafe. For example, parasites and germs are things you may not see by bare eyes, but their effects can be life threatening.

2-Filtration is one of the effective ways of purifying water and when using the right multimedia filters it’s effective in ridding water of the compounds. This method uses chemical and physical processes to purify water and make it safe for human consumption. Filtration eliminates both large compounds and small, dangerous contaminants that cause diseases with a simple and quick filtration process.. Since filtration does not deplete all the mineral salts, water that has been filtered is considered healthier compared to water purified using other methods. It’s one of the effective water purification methods that utilize chemical absorption process that effectively removes unwanted compounds from water.

3-Distillation is a water purification method that utilizes heat to collect pure water in the form of vapor. This method is effective by the scientific fact that water has a lower boiling point than other contaminants and disease-causing elements found in water. Water is subjected to a heat source until it attains its boiling point. It is then left at the boiling point until it vaporizes. This vapor is directed into a condenser to cool. Upon cooling, vapor is reversed into liquid water that is clean and safe for drinking. Other substances that have a higher boiling point are left as sediments in the container.

4. Chlorine is a powerful chemical that has been in use for many years to treat water for home consumption. Chlorine is an effective water purification method that kills germs, parasites and other disease-causing organisms found in ground or tap water. Water can be purified using chlorine tablets or liquid chlorine. As an off-the-shelf water purification product, chlorine is cheap and effective. However, caution should be taken when using chlorine liquid or tablets to treat drinking water. For example, people suffering from thyroid problems should talk to a medical practitioner before using this product. When using chlorine tablets, it is important to apply them in heated water, as they dissolve well in water that is at 21 degree Celsius or higher. Chlorine tablets kill all bacteria leaving your water clean and safe.

Why is water so important?


Health, life, cleanliness, plant growth, etc.

  • Water boots energy. Water delivers important nutrients to all of our cells, especially muscle cells, postponing muscle fatigue.
  • Water helps weight loss. ...
  • Water aids in digestion. ...
  • Water detoxifies. ...
  • Water hydrates skin.

Talk about the scarcity of water in areas. Do the following:


Example: a. b. c.

Watch a video on the needs of water in another country.


Search online for a video

Do an activity to help children appreciate how important water is.


Feed children something salty, discuss how thirsty that makes us, but then let children have water and explain how many boys and girls don’t have water to drink.

  • Every part of your body needs water. In fact, water makes up 60 percent of body weight.
  • Dehydration happens when there is not enough water in your body.
  • Mild dehydration can cause headaches, nausea and fatigue (tiredness). You may need more water in hot temperatures or if you sweat a lot.
  • If you’re getting enough water you’ll rarely feel thirsty. Your urine will also be clear or slightly yellow. Dark yellow urine is a sign of dehydration.
  • There has been a significant rise in the intake of beverages with added sugars and excess calories on the market. Most are geared to entice children to consume. These added calorie beverages are contributing to overweight and obesity in our children.
  • Drinking more water is one of the simplest things you can do to be healthier.

Develop a water fetching skit to illustrate how many people in the world have to get their water every day.


Search the internet to see how people carry water.

Demonstrate how to properly wash hands with less than 1 quart of water.


Search online for short demonstration videos "wash hands low water 1 quart"

Do an outreach project to help people be able to have safe drinking water.


Research area projects or organization such as ADRA.