Adventist Adventurer Awards/Outdoor Explorer

Outdoor Explorer
Helping Hand

Take a nature walk and collect items of interest edit

a leaf, and share why you like that particular one edit

a feather, and discover what bird it is from edit

a rock, and learn what type it is edit

a seed, and identify the plant it comes from edit

Recite the golden rules for hiking edit

Never cut trees edit

Never pull up live plants edit

Do not remove any type of markers edit

Stay off “No Trespassing” property edit

Ask permission before walking on private property edit

Don’t litter edit

Explain what side of the road to walk on and why. edit

Walk half a mile to a picnic area. Carry and eat your own lunch. edit

== Walk one mile and find nature items for each letter of the alphabet, such as: A = acorn; B = butterfly; C = cattail; D = duck; etc. ==

Take two walks of at least two miles each and talk about what you see. Tell what day of the week each item was created on. edit

Recite five safety rules for walking edit

Always walk with at least one partner edit

Carry water when going for a walk edit

Wear comfortable walking shoes edit

Wear proper clothing edit

Watch where you walk so you won’t become lost edit