Adventist Adventurer Awards/Music

Little Lamb

Listen to a book about musicians or musical instruments. Edit

The easy way to do this is a trip to the children's section of a library. We found a good book about stringed instruments of the world and as we read, we searched YouTube to listen to each instrument mentioned. Our little lamb really enjoyed this and it was more interesting than just reading.

Make a musical craft. Edit

Building a drum or a stringed instrument from a pop bottle is fun.

Paper Towel Horn

Pinch three or four holes in an empty paper towel roll with a pen. Cover one end of the paper towel with wax paper and secure with an elastic band. You can color or decorate the roll for fun. To play, sing a song into the end of the roll, covering and uncovering the holes as you sing.

Play a hand clap (rhythm) game Edit

If you don't know any, check YouTube for examples.

Play an action game to music. (i.e., bounce a ball to the beat of a song). Edit

We enjoyed using chop sticks to beat drums (various pots and buckets collected). It was interesting to see how the different containers sounded. This activity is a good and free action game