Adventist Adventurer Awards and Answers/Jesus’s Special Supper

Tell the story of the Last Supper.


Go to this link to listen to the story: The Last Supper

Explain why Jesus washed the disciples’ feet as a servant.


We wash each other’s feet to show we are humble and no better than anyone else. We should be servants like Jesus was.

Explain what the bread and the juice represents.


The bread represents the body of Jesus

The Juice represents the blood of Jesus

What happened at the end of the special supper?


Have a prayer thanking Jesus for HIS love.


Read Matthew 26:30 and sing a hymn.

Matthew 26:30

30 When they had sung a hymn, they went out to the Mount of Olives.

Make a craft to illustrate the Last Supper.


  • Color and cut out.
  • Fold tabs on side of table up. Fold elbows over hanging up. Fold vertical folds following fold marks either side of Jesus.
  • Glue together.
  • Fold tabs under food and glue anywhere on table.

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