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Helping at Home
Eager Beaver

What body parts do you use to help at home?


Mostly hands and arms, but can include mouth, feet (get things).

Name three ways you can help at home.


Ideas taken from Chore Ideas

  • Pick Up Their Room — Make sure you show your child exactly what a clean room looks like. And if their room is really messy, I’d suggest working with them to clean it and giving them one specific project to work on at a time. Young children are often still learning the concept of staying on task, so you want to make sure you don’t overwhelm them by giving them too large of a task to accomplish then they are ready to tackle.
  • Vacuum – If you have a vacuum with an attachment, they can use the attachments on furniture or small areas in your home. Kaitlynn also can vacuum one room, with a little help from me.
  • Water Plants'Bold text' — Use a plastic watering can (we found ours at the dollar store or you can make one from a milk jug) to make it fun and easy for small hands.
  • Fold Washcloths, Hand Towels, Underwear, & Other Small Items – I often will sort these out from the big laundry pile and make a small pile for each child to fold, based upon their folding abilities.
  • Sort & Fold Socks — Sorting and folding socks can be a fun job for little people. And you can teach matching, colors, and counting with it, too.
  • Put Away Laundry — When the girls help with laundry, I have each of them put away their own laundry plus sometimes some towels. It’s amazing how much more quickly things get put away when multiple people are working together!
  • Dust/Wipe Down Surfaces — 4-year-olds are great at cleaning baseboards, small floor areas, wiping down cupboards, or dusting surfaces. If you have a feather duster, they might have fun trying that out, too!
  • Wipe Down Sink/Toilet — Cleaning wipes work especially well for young children to use. Or, you can spray some nontoxic cleaner onto a rag and let them wipe down the sink, toilet, or floor in the bathroom. Kaitlynn is also learning how to clean the toilet with the toilet brush, with my supervision.
  • Empty Trashes — 4-year-olds are usually big enough and strong enough to tie up the trash bag and haul it out to the garage or back door.
  • Wipe Down Door Handles — Give your child a cleaning wipe or a damp rag and have them wipe down all the door handles. This is a favorite chore at our house!
  • Clear the Table – Teach your children to clear their plates after each meal (our children are still working on doing this without needing to be reminded!)
  • Rinse Dishes/Load Dishwasher –A 4-year-old is usually old enough to stand on a chair at the kitchen sink and rinse non breakable dishes (be sure to remove the knives and other sharp or dangerous objects before letting them do this). They can also help to load silverware and other non breakable dishes into the dishwasher.
  • Simple Meal Prep — Kaitlynn has learned how to pour cereal/milk, make toast and peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, and pop popcorn on her own. She also often helps me when I’m cooking.
  • Set the Table — Teach your children how to set the table correctly from the time they are young–it’s a skill many adults still don’t know! :)
  • Mop — My dad got the girls child-sized mops for Christmas and they love them. And while Kaitlynn is still working on perfecting her mopping skills, she does a pretty good job at mopping a small area.

From #2, pick one of the ways to help at home and help for one week.


 Tasks such as "Make bed," "Help Sweep," "Dust," "Help Clean Your Room," and "Separate Recycle Materials" might be on the list.  Make this list match the family of the child!)

Learn a song about helpers.


Name a Bible character who was a helper.


Timothy was Paul helper

Samuel was Eli’s Helper

Joshua was Moses helper

Little Maid for Captain Naaman