Adventist Adventurer Awards/Handicraft


Pick six of the following to make edit

A get-well card, and give it to someone edit

A dried or silk flower arrangement edit

A bread-dough or clay figure edit

A shell picture edit

A string sculpture edit

A mobile edit

An item from papier-mache edit

A picture using egg shells or seeds edit

  • Color dye some hard-boiled eggs.
  • Let the eggs dry, then crack them open and save all the shell pieces.
  • Get some paper and place it on a tray or newspaper. With your pencil, draw an image, then trace your glue on top of the image. You can draw any picture that you want.
  • Sprinkle your eggshells over the glue. Shake off the extra, putting the extra back into the bag.
  • Let the images dry

Covers for an autograph or photo album edit

A collage using six different materials edit

A poster inviting people to an event edit

Come to our next Adventurer's Meeting

Join us for fun and crafts

Snack is provided

An article of your own choosing edit

Give at least two of the above items to edit

A family member edit

An elderly person in your church or a nursing home edit

Have an art show. edit

External Resources edit