Adventist Adventurer Awards/First Aid Helper

First Aid Helper

Demonstrate how to treat an abrasion or a cut, and describe the dangers of a dirty dressing. edit

One of the simplest and most essential first aid for kids that they need very often is how to tie a bandage. Kids keep on falling and getting themselves hurt. So teach them how to tie a bandage to the wounded area. Firstly it is important to clean the area with water. Then, using a cotton swab, antiseptic should be applied. Applying an antiseptic is very important as bacteria and other germs gain access to the body through the wound. So it is good to clean the wound first. In case you don't have an antiseptic, use an anti-bacterial soap. If the wound is small, a band-aid will do, but if it is a big wound, you will need a gauze.

Describe how to care for a nosebleed. edit

Nosebleeds are common occurrence with children. In case of a nosebleed, make sure that you lean forward and pinch the bottom part of your nose. Do not lean backwards as the blood might enter your wind pipe through your nose, causing complications. Lean forward and pinch the nose till the bleeding stops. Typically, the bleeding will stop within 10 minutes as the blood will clot. Pinching the nose will stop the loss of blood.

Identify and make a display of different types of bandages. edit

Make a simple first-aid kit and learn uses of included items. edit


Even a simple kit needs the following items:

  1. Adhesive compress
  2. Bandage compress,
  3. 2" by 2" plain gauze pads,
  4. Gauze roller bandage,
  5. Triangular bandages,
  6. Needle,
  7. Scissors,
  8. Tweezers,
  9. Thermometer,
  10. Disinfectant,
  11. Calamine lotion,
  12. Insect repellant
  13. Ace bandage.

Sterilize one of the following and tell why each is an important item to have in your first-aid kit. edit

* Tweezers edit

* Thermometer edit

* Needle edit

Visit an emergency-care facility to learn about some of the emergencies they care for. edit

Play “hospital” and practice your skills on the above emergencies. edit

Describe and draw the First Aid symbol. edit

The true internationally accepted symbol for first aid is a white cross on a green background.

Despite what pop culture, and millions of first aid kits sold worldwide (to the chagrin of International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies) would have you believe, the red cross on white background is not an “accepted” symbol designating First Aid.

Name a time when Jesus gave first aid to someone who was bleeding badly. edit

Matthew 26:51 (NIV)
With that, one of Jesus' companions reached for his sword, drew it out and struck the soldier of the high priest, cutting off his ear.

External Resources edit

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