Adventist Adventurer Awards/Dinosaurs

Make a booklet of at least 5 types of dinosaurs. Draw or find pictures and label them. edit

Read Genesis chapter 1. Find the verse(s) that say God created all the animals and every living thing. Discuss how everything God created at the beginning was perfect and there wasn’t even death. edit

How has sin affected all of nature in the world? edit

Discuss how some dinosaurs seem scary. Make a list or find pictures of other animals seen today that seem scary. edit

Who is a paleontologist and what is their work? edit

Discuss and/or look at the pictures of the evidence of dinosaurs that have been found: edit

  1. Bones & teeth
  2. Fossilized skin impressions
  3. Coprolite (dinosaur poop)
  4. Footprints

What does the word “extinction” mean? edit

Why are so many creatures found buried and preserved in the fossil record? Read Genesis 7:20-23 edit

Play a game where kids act like a specific dinosaur and the other kids have to guess what kind of dinosaur they are pretending to be. edit