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Crayons And Markers
Eager Beaver

How are crayons made? What are the eight main colors of crayons and markers? edit


The two basic ingredients for a crayon are:

  • Pigment
  • Paraffin wax, stored in heated 17,000 gallon tanks

The mixture is heated until it melts into a liquid. The liquid is poured into a preheated mold full of hundreds of crayon-shaped holes. Cool water is used to cool the mold, allowing the crayon to be made in 3 to 9 minutes.

See video - How Crayola crayons are made

What are crayons made of? edit


What happens if a crayon gets hot? edit

It will melt.

Name a boy who had a coat of many colors. edit


Draw or color a picture of Joseph and his coat. edit

Joseph's Coat Coloring Page1

Joseph' Coat Coloring Page2

Draw or color a picture with markers. edit

Why do markers need a cap? edit

Because they are made of alcohol and they wiil dry out without a cap.

Where should you use markers? Where should you not use markers? edit

Markers should be used to color pictures and on paper and they should not be used on your skin or on the walls or floor.

Make a folder for your pictures and decorate the front with markers or crayons. edit

Draw or color two of the following with markers or crayons edit

animal or birds edit

Jesus and the children edit

rainbow edit

In First Palette you will fine a copy of a [1]

your hand edit

your house edit

Know nine colors. edit

Color Chant edit

If you’re wearing RED, Put your hands on your head.

If ORANGE is what you wear, Then touch your hair.

If you’re wearing BLACK, Then touch your back.

If you’re wearing WHITE, Squeeze your hands real tight.

If you’re wearing BROWN, Touch the ground.

If you’re wearing PURPLE, Say, “Murple gurple.”

If you’re wearing GREEN, Wash your hands real clean.

If you’re wearing YELLOW, Wave to your fellow.

If you’re wearing BLUE, Put your hands on your shoe.

You’re all looking mighty fine, And that’s the end of the color rhyme.

If you’re wearing PINK, Then think and think.

If you’re wearing GRAY, Have a nice day.