Adventist Adventurer Awards/Collector


Explain who a collector is.Edit

A collector is a person who gathers things. She/He is interested in and learns about them.

Name five popular articles that people are collecting today.Edit

Stamp Collection
  • Coins
  • Stamps
  • Stickers
  • Buttons
  • Dolls
  • Model cars
  • Baseball cards

Listen to an adult collector as (s)he shows and talks about his/her collection.Edit

As a group plan what you want to collect and gather native items in one of the following waysEdit

play a game of A to Z CollectionEdit

Try the following zoo animals collection.

OR Make two very different collections with at least 20 items in each.Edit

Objects: stamps, postcards, photographs, coins, etc.Edit

Nature: leaves, minerals, feathers, shells, etc.Edit

Have a collector’s show and display two collections neatly arranged with objects well identified.Edit

Show and explain something you have learned about one of your collections.Edit

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