Adventist Adventurer Awards/Caring Friend

Caring Friend
Helping Hand

Explain how you can be a Caring Friend. Find, read and memorize I Peter 5:7.Edit

1 Peter 5: 7 Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

Talk to a person and ask the followingEdit

the day and month (s)he was bornEdit

his/her favorite animalsEdit

two of his/her favorite colorsEdit

three favorite foodsEdit

four things that are important to him/herEdit

have your new friend tell you about his/her last tripEdit

Visit a shut-in and take something to him/her. Use the questions in #2 as a basis for your conversation.Edit

Tell one of the persons in #2 or #3 above how Jesus loves you and that He loves him/her also.Edit

Show how you can become a caring person to your parents byEdit

helping to keep your room cleanEdit

helping in the kitchen with preparation or cleanupEdit

doing extra chores without being toldEdit

Tell of something special you have done for a friend.Edit

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