Adventist Adventurer Awards/Building Blocks

Building Blocks

Find in the Bible and review 3 or more of the stories listed below edit

Noah (Gen 6-7) edit

Tower of Babel (Gen 11:1-9) edit

Abram’s tent (Gen 12:1-8) edit

Wilderness tabernacle (Ex 25-27) edit

Solomon's temple (1 Chronicles 28:1-10, 2 Chronicles 3-5) edit

Manger (Luke 2:1-20) edit

Wise man and foolish man (Luke 6:47-49) edit

New Jerusalem (Rev. 21-22) edit

Invite a builder or carpenter to talk about the edit

Tools he uses (display and demonstrate) edit

Kinds of things he builds edit

Safety rules he follows edit

Values like edit

Being Honest edit
Measuring carefully edit
Following instructions/Plans edit
Setting a strong foundation edit

Share 2 choices that you can make this week that will build up and not breakdown your character. A building's foundation is the most important part of the building. Our foundation is our character. Jesus, the master builder, will help us make good choices that will build a strong character. edit

Read Revelations 21-22 and learn about the heavenly home that God is making for all who choose His gift of eternal life. What building materials is He using? edit

Construct one or more buildings of any size or type. May work individually or in teams. edit

External Resources edit