Advanced Interactive Media/Learning Resources

There is no specific text book for this class; however, software posted below is available to students in the AI Class when requested.

A listing of software relevant to the production of interactive multimedia (listed in approximate order of relevance to this class project edit

Other Software/Hardware

  • Boris Red 4
  • Design
  • Poser
  • Shake
  • Blogger
  • Del.ic.ious
  • Desire2Learn
  • Dreamweaver
  • Eluminate
  • Imatronics Interactive
  • Live Stage
  • Panoramio - Satellite map photos
  • Sethgodin - Alexaholic leads
  • Vue 5
  • Balloon Cam
  • Zip Cam
  • Alexaholic

An excellent website that provides online tutorials is Adobe After Effects tutorials are exceptional at this site.