Advanced Interactive Media/Hands-On Project Directors

The Director's responsibilities can be summarized as follows:

  • Keep all group members up to date on deadlines by creating a project calendar. The calendar doesn't have to be completed right way, and in most situations it would be impossible to do so because of the unpredictable nature of interactive projects. However, there are general objectives (such as the completion of the project) for which dates should be set and posted early. Other details can be filled in as the project progresses.
  • Together with the team leaders, analyze any ideas that team members or the client have for the project. If the ideas are worth implementing, the Director is responsible for rearranging the team's assignments to include the new ideas. If the ideas are impractical or impossible to include in the project, the Director must make and communicate that decision.
  • Post current tasks for each team (Interactive, Graphics, and Audio-Visual) so that each team knows what they should be working on at any point in time.
  • Stay up to date with the latest developments in the project's general direction to ensure that each team's work is directed properly and efficiently.
  • Communicate with the client and any other involved vendors throughout the development and production process. The Director must serve as a liaison between the client, any outside vendors, and the development teams. It is essential for the Director to receive timely and complete reports from the team leaders so that communication errors are minimized.
  • Ensure that project is completed as agreed upon by the team and the client.