Advanced Interactive Media/Hands-On Interactive Team

The Interactive Team is responsible for creating and integrating a user-controlled interface into the final project as well as understand the client and end user profile. The team will take the content generated by the Design and Audio/Video Teams and, utilizing an interactive authoring program such as Adobe Director or Adobe Flash, link it all together to form a fully interactive presentation or program. The team is also responsible for developing interactive content and functionality such as games, navigation, and button layout that will be part of the project. The team is highly dependent on the work of the other teams as the majority of their work is content driven. Although filler material can be used to build menus and basic navigation, the team must have the overall look and feel from the design team before final authoring can really begin. The team must also have the content from the Audio/Video team to place in the project to complete it. Interactive team's work load is mostly focus in phase one and three. Phase one the interactive team should be obtaining end user information and profiling it and building a basic framework for the project. In Phase two the interactive team will be focused on building prototypes of the project. In Phase three the workload picks back up as the team is focused on disc authoring and finalization of the project.