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Forges of open-source projectsEdit

Currently, there are 200 Ada projects hosted at SourceForge — including the example programs for Ada Programming wikibook.
A source code repository based on Git with many recent developments.
Ada-centric forges
There are some Ada-centric forges hosted by Ada associations and individuals:

Directories of freely available tools and librariesEdit

Ada Information Clearinghouse — Free Tools and Libraries
Open Hub (language summary, ada tag, language search)
Open Hub is a directory of Open Source projects. Its main features are source code analysis of public repositories and public reviews of projects.
Freecode, formerly, is a software directory where developers can register their projects and users find interesting software. Although the content is somewhat redundant to other portals, some projects are exclusively listed here.

Collections of Ada source codeEdit

AdaBasis consists of about 560 MB of public domain source code and documents, mainly taken from the Public Ada Library (PAL). The software has been classified and is presented in a hierarchical manner, separated in different application domains, and, for some domains, with an additional multi-faceted searching facility.
The intent is to provide students, teachers and researchers with a large collection of reusable Ada components and systems for use in language and software engineering courses.
AdaBasis was set up by the Programming Languages Group of the Institut für Informatik at the University of Stuttgart, Germany. They plan to enlarge the library in the future, and welcome free public domain contributions. For more information or to make suggestions please contact
The Public Ada Library (PAL)
The PAL is a library of Ada and VHDL software, information, and courseware that contains over 1 BILLION bytes of material (mainly in compressed form). All items in the PAL have been released to the public with unlimited distribution, and, in most cases (the exceptions are shareware), the items are freeware.
Ada and Software Engineering Library Version 2 (ASE2)
The ASE2 Library contains over 1.1GB of material on Ada and Software Engineering assembled through a collaboration with over 60 organizations. Walnut Creek CDROM once sold copies of this library. Nowadays it is no longer maintained but is still hosted in the Ada Belgium FTP server. It may contain useful resources, but it is highly redundant with other libraries.
A directory and collection of Ada tools and resources.

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