Ada Programming/Delimiters

Ada. Time-tested, safe and secure.
Ada. Time-tested, safe and secure.

Single character delimiters edit

ampersand (operator)
apostrophe, tick
left parenthesis
right parenthesis
asterisk, multiply (operator)
plus sign (operator)
hyphen, minus (operator)
full stop, point, dot
solidus, divide (operator)
less than sign (operator)
equal sign (operator)
greater than sign (operator)
vertical line

Compound character delimiters edit

double dot
double star, exponentiate (operator)
inequality (operator)
greater than or equal to (operator)
less than or equal to (operator)
left label bracket
right label bracket

Others edit

The following ones are special characters but not delimiters.

quotation mark, used for string literals.
number sign, used in based numeric literals.

The following special characters are unused in Ada code - they are illegal except within string literals and comments (they are used in the Reference Manual Backus-Naur syntax definition of Ada):

left square bracket
right square bracket
left curly bracket
right curly bracket

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