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This language feature is only available in Ada 2012.

Aspect specifications have the form

with Name [ => Aspect_Definition] {,
     Name [ => Aspect_Definition] } ;

where the aspect definition is optional in some cases when the value is 'True', like No_Return.

List of language defined aspectsEdit

Some aspects are specially marked:

Ada 2012
This is a new Ada 2012 aspect (new functionality not available in previous Ada versions as pragmas or attribute definition clauses)
This aspect is also available as a pragma.
This aspect is also available as a attribute definition clause.

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List of implementation defined aspectsEdit

The following pragmas are not available in all Ada compilers, only in those that had implemented them.

Currently, there are only listed the implementation-defined pragmas of a few compilers. You can help Wikibooks adding specific aspects of other compilers:

Implementation defined aspect of the GNAT compiler from AdaCore and FSF.

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